British - Daughter of Ysbaddaden. Wife of Culhwch. It was said that four white flowers sprang up wherever her feet touched the ground. It had been prophesied that her father, the chief giant, would die when Olwen married so he did all he could to prevent her from marrying and many lost their lives in the attempt to win her hand. He set Culhwch a series of near-impossible tasks which he managed to complete and claimed Olwen for his wife. Her father was killed as had been prophesied. Other stories say that she was the wife of Einion whom she married in the Otherworld and bore him a son, Taliesin. In some accounts she is identified with Blodeuedd. Also known as Olwen, Blodeuedd, Blodeuedd, Blodenwedd, Blodeuwedd, Flower Aspect, Flower Face, Flowerface, Twyll Huan, Irish Blathnat, May Queen, May Queen, White Goddess, White Goddess, Freya, Hag of the Mill, Samothea, Niwalen, Niwalen or White Track.

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