African - The creator-god and sky-god of the Yoruba. Father of Obatala and Oduduwa. Brother of Olokun. In some accounts he is equated with Olodumare, in others he is regarded as the chief god, or a name of Olodumare as 'he who owns the heavens'. He filled a shell with dirt which was then scattered by a hen and a pigeon, so creating the earth. Having then provided some trees, he made the first sixteen human beings. In other accounts, all this was done by Obatala or Orishanla. Sometimes called Olorun, Ol-orun, Ol-orun, Olodumare, Olodumare, Alaaye, Eledaa, Elemii, Olojo Oni, Olofin-Orun, Olofin-Orun, Orishanla, Orishanla, Orisanla, Orisha Nla, 'owner' or 'owner'.

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