Pacific Islands - A trickster-god, fire-god and god of death in the Carolines. Son of Lugeilan and Thilpelap. He was a semi-divine being who ascended to heaven on a column of smoke and demanded recognition as a god. A long battle ensued, during which Olofat was killed but his father resurrected him and persuaded the other gods to accept him as the god of fire. He later brought fire down from heaven for the use of mankind. He is said to have been involved in numerous escapades such as stealing food which he replaced by husks, pretending to be an old man with ringworm, seducing the wives of relatives, and so on. He so angered his relatives that they once put him in a post-hole and rammed the post in on top of him but he escaped, just as he did when they threw him into a fishtrap or tried to burn him. Some say that he gave the shark its fearsome teeth. In some accounts, Olofat is Lugeilan's brother (or half-brother) and their father is Anula. Other versions say that Olofat's brother was Samonekoaner and he also had a sister, Rat. Sometimes referred to as Olofat, Iolofath, Iolofath, Olifat, Olifat, Olofad, Olofad, Olofath, Olofath, Yelafath, Yelafath, Yelafaz or Yelafaz.

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