South American - Lover of Curi-Coyllur. Father of Yma Sumac. Ollanta, a chieftain, fell in love with Curi-Coyllur, the daughter of the Inca Pachucutic but they were not allowed to marry. The young couple defied the ban and Ollanta incited a rebellion, leading the peasants to victory over the king's forces led by Rumi-naui. Curi- Coyllur had a daughter by Ollanta and both she and the child, Yma Sumac, were incarcerated in a convent. When Pachucutic died, his son, Yupanqui, took the throne and Ollanta led a further rebellion but this time, as a result of cunning on the part of Ruminaui, he is taken prisoner. Fortunately, the new ruler is more compassionate and pardons Ollanta, frees Curi- Coyllur and her daughter and blesses their union. In some lore, occasionally referred to as Ollanta.

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