Irish - God of eloquence. Husband of Etain. Father of Mac Cecht, Mac Cool, Mac. Greine and Turenn. Some say that he was the son of the Dagda by Boann, others that his father was Ealadha and he was the brother of the Dagda and Lugh. He is said to have invented ogham and introduced writing. He made the magic sword Orna which was owned by Tethra and, in some accounts, captured it at the second battle of Moytura where he killed Inneach and, in some accounts, was himself killed. In other accounts, the sword was seized by Manannan at Moytura. Also commonly identified as Ogma, Oghma, Oghma, Cermait, Cermait, Grianaine(a)ch, Grianaine(a)ch, Grianeces, Grianeces, Grianainech, Mac Elathon, Mac Elathon, British Ogmia, British Ogmia, Celtic Ogmius, Celtic Ogmius, Welsh Gwydion or Welsh Gwydion.

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