Greek - A Trojan soldier. He was killed by Idomenus whose spear-throw was intended for Aeneas. Called Oenomaus, Oinomaos, Oinomaos, Oenomaus or Oenomaus.
Greek - King of Pisa. Son of Ares by Sterope. Husband of Sterope, some say. Father of Hippodamia. Warned by an oracle that he would be killed by his son-in-law, he challenged all suitors for his daughter's hand to a chariot-race with Hippodamia riding with the suitor to distract him while Oenomaus chased them in his chariot drawn by Psylla and Harpinna, horses as fleet as the wind. The losing suitors were killed. In the race against Pelops, who had been given an even faster set of horses and chariot by Poseidon, his chariot was sabotaged by his charioteer Myrtilus, who had been bribed by Hippodamia, and Oenomaus was dragged to his death. At times, known as Oenomaus, Oinomaos, Oinomaos, Oenomaus or Oenomaus.

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