Greek - King of Calydon. Son of Portheus and Euryte. Brother of Agrius, Alcathous and Melas. Husband of Althaea and Periboea. Father of Deianeira, Gorge, Melanippes, Meleager and Toxeus by Althaea. Father of Olenias and Tydeus. By Periboea. Oeneus was taught the art of the vintner by Dionysus to whom he had offered his own wife. He forgot a sacrifice to Artemis and the goddess sent a huge boar to ravage his country. This animal, the Calydonian Boar, was hunted and killed by a party led by Meleager. After the death of Althaea, he married Periboea who bore Olenias and Tydeus. His throne was seized by his nephews but his grandson, Diomedes, restored the line by putting Andraemon, husband of Gorge, on the throne. Oeneus went to Argos with Diomedes but was killed by his two nephews who had escaped his grandson's sword. Occasionally referred to as Oeneus, Foeneus, Foeneus, Oeneius, Oeneius, Oineus, Oineus, 'vintner' or 'vintner'.

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