African - A god of the Edo people. Sometimes identified as Oda.
European - Daughter of the emperor Constantine. Wife of Rother. Mother of Helche and Pepin. When a delegation arrived at Constantine's court seeking the hand of Oda on behalf of Rother, king of the Lombards, the emperor had them all thrown into prison. Rother and Berchther came looking for their friends and the emperor released them to help him fight the invading forces of Imelot. After the battle, in which the enemy were routed and Imelot taken prisoner, Rother made off with Oda who had fallen in love with him and returned home where she became his queen. Constantine employed a magician who tricked Oda into boarding his ship and took her back to Constantinople. Imelot, having escaped from prison, invaded again and tried to force Oda to marry his ugly, hunchbacked son but Rother arrived in time to save her and killed both Imelot and his son. Oda returned with her husband and later bore a daughter, Helche and Pepin, father of Charlemagne. Also referred to as Oda.

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