Norse - A kettle. One of the three vessels into which the dwarfs Fialar and Galar drained the blood of Kvasir, the sage, whom they had killed to obtain his knowledge. This blood, mixed with honey, produced a drink, the skaldic mead, the Mead of Inspiration, which gave the drinker the power of poetry and music. It was also referred to as the magic cauldron which was seized by Thor from the giant Hymir for use at the feast arranged by Aegir for the other gods; some say it is the same as Eldhrimnir. Identified as Od-hroerir, Eldhrimnir, Eldhrimnir, Eldhrimner, Odhereir, Odhereir, Odherir, Odherir, Odrerer, Odrerer, Odrorir, Odrorir, Othrevir, Othrevir, Odher(e)ir, Odher(e)ir, Othroerir or Othroerir.

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