African - A fertility-god and sculptor-god of the Yoruba. Son of Olorun. Brother and husband of Oduduwa, some say. Husband of Yemoja, some say. In some accounts it was he who, on the orders of Oldumare, scattered dirt from a snail-shell which was then scratched over by a hen and pigeon to form dry land. Others say that Olorun sent him down with a huge sphere which he placed in the primitive ocean. This split to form the various land masses. He can make barren women fertile by giving them a drink of pure water. Sometimes known as Obatala, Obatalla, Obatalla, Olufa, Olufa, Orisha-Ijaye, Orisha-Ijaye, Orisha-Ogiyan, Orisha-Ogiyan, Orisha-Popo, Orisha-Popo, Oshala, Oshala, Oshalla, Oshalla, Oris(h)anla, Oris(h)anla, Orisha-Nla, Orisha-Nla, Oshal(l)a, Oshal(l)a, West Indian Obtala or West Indian Obtala.

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