Japanese - A prince. Son of the emperor Keiko. Twin brother of Oho-usu. Husband of Ototachibana. He killed his own brother when he was disrespectful to their father who then sent him to kill two of his worst enemies, the demons Kumaso and Takeru. He made them drunk and then killed them, becoming known as Yamato-takeru. In another adventure, he killed Idzumo Takeru after substituting a wooden sword for the outlaw's own steel blade. He made many conquests during one of which he was trapped by a huge grass fire. His magic sword, Murakumo, cut down the grass of its own accord and so saved the hero's life. It became known as Kusanagi. He fell in love with the princess Miyadzu, ignoring his faithful wife who threw herself overboard in a storm caused by the sea-god, Rin-jin, so that Yamato would be free. Too late Yamato realised what he had lost and forgot about Miyadzu. When he killed a god who appeared as a deer, the god Ibukidu struck him with a fatal illness. At his death he turned into a white bird. Also identified as O-Uso-no-Mikito, Wo-usu, Wo-usu, Little Foot Pestle, Yamato Take, Yamato Take, O-Uso-No-Mikoto, Yamatotakere, Yamatotakere, Yamatodake or Yamatodake.

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