African - Creator-god and sun-god of the Bakongo. He is said to have made the first pair of humans or a bisexual being in the form of a palm-tree called Muntu Walunga. This primaeval being may be depicted in effigy with male and female faces on opposite sides and, in some tribes, Nzambi is regarded as female. Other versions say that he spat out the heavenly bodies, followed by animals and then, having created human beings, returned to the sky. In some accounts, identified as Nzambi, Bambi, Bambi, Bumba, Bumba, Ma Bumba, Nyam, Nyam, Nyambe, Nyama, Nyama, Nyambe, Nyambe, Nyambe, Nzambe, Nzambe, Chembe, Nzame, Nzame, Nyame, Yambe, Yambe, Zambi, Zambi, Chemba, Chemba, Nyam(a), Nyam(a), Nyambi, Nyambi, Nzam(b)e, Nzam(b)e, Akan Nyame, Akan Nyame, Njambi, Ghana Ataa Naa Nyongmo, Ghana Ataa Naa Nyongmo, Lele Njambi or Lele Njambi.

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