Nysaean nymphs

Greek - Daughters of Atlas and Aethra or Pleione or of Ocean and Tethys. Sister of Hyas. Some say there were seven, twelve or fifteen, others only five whose names were Bacche, Bromie, Erato, Macris and Nysa. They lived on Mount Nysa where they raised the infant Dionysus. Some say that these five were placed in the heavens as the Hyades as a reward and that seven (or ten) others became the Pleiades as reward when their brother Hyas was killed in a hunting accident and they died of grief. In some accounts, called Nysaean nymphs, Dodonidae, Dodonidae, Hyades, Hyades, Arab Little Camels, Roman Suculae, Nysaean Nymphs, Nysiades, Nysiades, Nysiads, Nysiads, Pleiades, Pleiades, Seven Sisters, Weepers, Egyptian Seven Hathors, Hesperides, Nysaid(e)s, Nysaid(e)s, Pleaides or Pleaides.

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