African - Water-girls of the Congo. These beings live in water but are invisible because they are themselves made of water. Occasionally known as nymphs.
Greek - Female divinities living in some natural feature such as water, mountains, etc. The various groups of nymphs are given as: Acheleids - nymphs of the River Achelous Alseides - tree nymphs Creneids - water nymphs Dryads - tree nymphs Epimelian nymphs - nymphs of flocks and herds Hamadryads - tree nymphs Hydriads - water nymphs Leimoniads - nymphs of the meadows Limniads - lake nymphs Maelids - apple nymphs Meliae - nymphs of ash trees Moss maidens - wood nymphs Naiads - nymphs of fresh water Napaeae - nymphs of the trees and valleys Nereids - nymphs of the Aegean Nysiades - nymphs of Mount Nysa Oceanids - sea nymphs Oreads - mountain nymphs Orestiads - mountain nymphs Potameides - river nymphs Stygian - nymphs of Hades In some accounts, the Pleiades are referred to as nymphs, as are the Sirens. Sometimes identified as nymphs.
General - Daughters of Zeus and Themis. Guardians of the artefacts of the gods. Occasionally known as nymphs.

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