African - Creator and supreme god of the Akan and the Ashanti. Husband of Nasilele. Father of Opo. He appears either as Nyankopon, the sun, or as the moon, or in a third aspect as earth goddess, queen of the underworld. He wields lightning as his weapon and is worshipped in the form of a tree. At times, identified as Nyame, Nyambe, Nyambe, Nyambi, Nyambi, Nzambi, Nzame, Nzame, Onyame, Onyame, Abommubuwafre, Abommubuwafre, Amaomee, Amaomee, Amosu, Amosu, Amowia, Amowia, Anansi Kokroko, Anansi Kokroko, Onyankopon, Borebore, Borebore, Bore Bore, Brekyirihunuade, Brekyirihunuade, Nana, Nana, Inanna, Nanna, Nyaamanekose, Nyaamanekose, Nyankopon, Nyankopon, Odomankoma, Odomankoma, Otomankoma, Totrobonso, Totrobonso, Bakongo Nzambi, Bakongo Nzambi, Njambi, Banyai Nyali, Banyai Nyali, Lele Njambi or Lele Njambi.

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