Egyptian - Mother-goddess and sky-goddess. Daughter of Shu and Tefnut. Twin sister and consort of Geb. Mother of Isis, Nephthys, Osiris, Set. And, perhaps, of Horus. She and Geb were locked together when they were born and Shu forced them apart so that Geb became the earth and Nut became the sky. In some accounts, she was the mother of Hathor by Ra. She was cursed by Ra for consorting with Geb and would have been unable to have any children if Thoth had not gambled with the moon and won five intercalary days during which her five children could be born. When Ra finally gave up the throne and went to heaven, he was raised aloft by Nut. She is depicted as a giantess who supports the world on her arched back, swallowing the sun at night and giving birth to it again each new day. In other versions, she is a cow, supporting the sky, held up by Shu, or a sow suckling young. In some accounts, called Nut, Naunet, Naunet, Nunet, Nut, Nit, Nuc, Nuc, Nudd, Nut, Nudd, Nuet, Nuet or Nut.

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