Nuptadi Robe

North American - A magic garment. A young Mandan boy, separated from his tribe, found a bow and arrows and with it killed a buffalo. Nearby he found a baby girl and a coyote appeared, passing the baby several times through the smoke of a sagebrush fire so that she matured very quickly. The boy later married her and his wife told him that his foster-sister needed another scalp for the robe she was making. When he saw that the robe had many scalps, each secured under a clam-shell, and that there was just one remaining empty space, he realised that his foster-sister was a supernatural being. Not wanting to be the one whose scalp filled that empty place, he killed his foster-sister. Her magical powers were then transferred to the robe which became the medicine-bundle of his tribe. Sometimes identified as Nuptadi Robe.

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