African - Twin spirits of light and water in the lore of the Dogon. These beings were produced when Amma first fertilised the earth or were hatched from one of the two yolks in the primordial egg created by Amma. They were described as halfhuman, half snake, with red eyes and forked tongues and were covered with green hair. In some accounts, one was good, the other evil, while some say that the evil one was Ogo who hatched from the other yolk with his sister, Yasigi. The evil one was said to have been changed into a jackal while others say that this jackal was born of a union between Amma and Mother Earth before the Nummo were born. In some accounts, Amma killed the Nummo and, by sprinkling their blood on the earth, made plants and animals. She then restored the twins to life as human beings. Sometimes known as Nummo, Nommo or Nommo.

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