Norse - Daughters of the gods, giants or dwarfs. The Fates, Skuld (future, necessity), Urda (past, fate) and Verdandi (present, being), who were the guardians of Urda's well. They watered the tree Yggdrasil with water from this well and were also responsible for renewing the soil round the roots of this tree and for tending the two swans that swam on Urda's well. In some references, called Norns, Fates, Fates, Moirae, Parcae, Norna, Norna, Nornir, Nornir, Nornu, Nornu, vala, vala, vola, vol(v)a, disir, tala-disir, talardisir, talardisir, Vala, Vala, Idisi, Pani, spadisir, talar-disir, Volva, volva, Greek Moirae, Greek Moirae, Fati, Roman Parcae, Roman Parcae, Befind, Wyrd, Wyrd, Urda, Weird, Wurd or Wyrde.

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