North American - A love-goddess of the tribes of the north-east. Daughter of the moon. Mother of Wenonah. Grandmother of Hiawatha. She fell from the heavens into the primaeval waters when the other goddesses, jealous of her beauty, cut the rope on which she was swinging. She became pregnant and populated the world, turning herself into earth so that living things could have dry land to live on as well as the oceans. In one account, her enemies, the Underwater Panthers, tried to drown her by causing a flood but Manabozho called on the beavers and otters to bring up mud from the bottom from which he made dry land, saving her life. Another story says that she was the grandmother of Manabush and reared him when his mother, Wenonah, died in childbirth. A twin boy died at the same time but Nokomis placed the surviving child under a dish where he turned into a white rabbit. In more familiar stories, she raised the infant Hiawatha whose mother, Wenonah, died in childbirth. Occasionally identified as Nokomis, Noogumee or Noogumee.

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