Irish - Son of Fingel. Some say his father was Umhall, others that it was Angus Og who seduced Fingel whose pregnancy lasted nearly ten years. His mother wanted to kill her baby but he saved himself by uttering nine judgments while still a baby. Some equate him with Finn mac Cool. In some references, referred to as Noidhiu, Finn mac Cool, Finn mac Cool, Fair One, Find, Finn mac Cumhail, Fionn mac Cumaill, Fionn mac Cumal, Mac Cool, Demna, Find, Finn mac Cumhal, Fionn mac Cuma(il)l, Fionn mac Cumhail, Manx Fin, Scottish Fingal, Welsh Gwion, Noidiu, Noidiu, Noindhiu, Noindhiu, Noine or Noine.

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