Norse - An Icelandic hero. Husband of Bergthora. Father of Grim, Helga, Helgi, Skarp- Hedin and Thorgerd. He was the head of a family feuding with the Sigfussons. The feud seems to have started either when Bergthora quarrelled with Hallgerda, wife of Gunnar Lambason, or when one of Njal's sons, Skarp-Hedin, killed Thrain, a Sigfusson, and it came to a head when the Sigfussons, led by Flosi, attacked the Njalssons, killing all but Kari, who escaped, and the women and children who were allowed to leave the house, Bergthorsknoll, before it was burnt to the ground. Njal and his wife, knowing that they could not escape, lay together on their bed, with their young grandson Thord between them, and quietly waited for the flames to overwhelm them. Occasionally called Njal.

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