Norse - A water-spirit. Offspring of Nicor. These beings, who live in undersea palaces, are generally invisible but can take many forms such as horses or human beings. In the latter form, when they are said to have fish-like tails, they may mate with humans. In their normal habitat they are said by some to be old ugly beings with green skin who can assume the form of beautiful maidens to lure humans to their death by drowning. Anyone who rescues a person from drowning can expect to suffer at the hand of the nixies for robbing them of their victim. Sometimes called nix, Nik, Nik, Nakk, Nikur, Nikur, nixie, nixie, nixy, nixy, Stromkarl, nok, nok, niceras, nik(ur), nik(ur), Icelandic nykr or Icelandic nykr.

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