Greek - A Trojan soldier. Son of Hyrtacus and Arisba. He was one of the small band of Trojans with Aeneas in Italy and he was killed, along with his friend Euryalus, when they tried to break through the Rutulian lines to take a message to Aeneas who was away seeking help. Instead of creeping quietly through the cordon, they killed many of the sleeping enemy. The noise aroused the other soldiers who surrounded the two Trojans and killed them. Occasionally known as Nisus.
Greek - A purple-haired Egyptian, king of Nisa. (Megara) in Corinth. Son of Pandion. Brother of Lycus, Pallas and Phinöe. Father of Scylla. He was killed by Scylla when she cut off a lock of his hair to win the love of Minos who was attacking the city. His soul in the form of an osprey or seaeagle attacked Scylla as she swam after Minos' ship and she drowned or was turned into a sea-bird. Sometimes identified as Nisus.

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