Norse - God of inshore seas, ships and wind. Brother of Nerthus, some say. Husband of Skadi. Father of Frey and Freya. He was one of the Vanir who went to live in Asgard when they made peace with the Aesir. When Skadi, daughter of Thiassi, demanded compensation for her father's death, the gods offered her any one of the gods as husband, to be chosen only by looking at their feet. She selected Niord and married him. She hated living in the warmth of Noatun so they moved to Thrymheim but Niord was not happy there because of the cold, so they alternated between the two, spending three days in each home. Some say they parted altogether. In some stories, he had an earlier wife, his sister, Nerthus, and some say that, with a change of sex, he was Nerthus. He is depicted in a short tunic and crowned with seaweed or shells. In some references, referred to as Niord, Niordr, Niordr, Njord, Njord, Njordr, Njordr, Njorthr, Njorthr, Nordur, Nordur, Nyorthr, Nyorthr, Njord(r) or Njord(r).

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