British - A maiden who loved Sagramore. Sometimes known as Niobe.
Greek - The first woman. Mother of Argus by Zeus. Mother of Pelasgus by Zeus, some say. In the lore of the Argives, she was the daughter of the first man, Phoroneus, by the nymph, Teledice. She was seduced by Zeus and bore a son, Argus, who became king of Phoronea, later called Argos. Another version says that she was the wife of Phoroneus. Sometimes known as Niobe.
Greek - Daughter of Tantalus and Euryanessa or Dione. Sister of Pelops. Wife of Amphion, king of Thebes. She had seven sons and seven daughters (or six sons and six daughters, in some accounts) and boasted that, having so many children, she was greater than the goddess Leto, mother only of Apollo and Aphrodite, and should be worshipped. Apollo and Artemis killed her husband and all her children for this slight (though some say that one boy, Amydas, and one girl, Chloris, escaped) and Zeus turned the weeping Niobe into stone, which continued to weep, on Mount Sipylus. Sometimes identified as Niobe.

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