Japanese - A Shinto ancestral god. Son of Ama-no-Oshiho-mimi. Grandson of Taka-mi-musubi and Amaterasu. Consort of Sengen. Consort of Uzume, some say. Father of Fire Fade and Fire Flash. He was sent from heaven, bearing three gifts from Amaterasu - the sword Kusanagi, the mirror Jatakayami and the jewel(s) Go-shih Tai - to bring order to the land of Idzumo. Three envoys went ahead to prepare the way but all proved disloyal. Two later envoys succeeded in restoring order and Ninigi descended to Idzumo where he was guided by the monster Deity of the Field-paths to whom Ninigi gave Uzume as a wife. Having forced Okuni-Nushi to hand over the throne, he fell in love with Sengen and married her but when he became jealous, she left him and immolated herself by setting fire to the wooden hut she lived in, after giving birth to three sons. Sometimes known as Ninigi, Honinigi, Honinigi, Prince Ninigi or Prince Ninigi.

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