Mesopotamian - A Sumerian earth-goddess, goddess of animals, birth and productivity. Daughter of An and Ki. Wife of Ea as Damkina. Wife of Enki as Ninki. Wife of Enlil as Ninlil. Wife of Sulpae, some say. Mother of Ninsar by Enki. Mother of Ninurta by Enlil. When Enki was forming human beings from clay, she spoiled some of his handiwork by altering the shapes. As a result, dwarfs, cripples and giants were created. She and her husband lived in Dilmun, the earthly paradise, until they quarrelled over Enki's pursuit of their own daughter. He had seduced Uttu, the goddess of weaving, who was his own daughter or granddaughter, so Ninhursaga recovered some of his semen from her body and used it to grow eight plants. Others say that Uttu gave birth to the plants. Enki ate them and became ill and would have died if Ninhursaga had not saved him by placing him in her own body from which he was born again. Another version says that she gave birth to eight deities each of which healed one of the ailments which afflicted Enki as a result of eating the plants. These deities were Abu, Dazimus, Enshag, Nazi, Ninkasi, Ninsutu, Ninti and Nintur. As Aruru, she created the wild man, Enkidu. Sometimes referred to as Ninhursaga, Lady of the Great Mountain, Lady of the Great Mountain, Lady of the Mountain, Lady of the Mountain, Ninharsag, Ninharsag, Ningursag, Ningursag, Ninhursag, Ninhursag, Ninhursagga, Ninhursagga, Ninkharsag, Ninkharsag, Ninkhursag, Ninkhursag, Ninlil, Ninlil, Baalath, Kutushar, Haya, Babylonian Mylitta, Virgin Lady, Virgin Lady, Ninsikil, Aruru, Aruru, Mami, Sarpanitu, Mami, Belet-ili, Belet-ili, Balthi, Belet-Itani, Belit-illi, Belit, Belit, Belitis, Beltis, Beltu, Bilat, Bel(i)tis, Salpanitu, Damgalminna, Damgalminna, Damkina, Damkina, Dam-Kinu, Damku, Danke, Daukina, Dav-kina, Dawkina, Nin Ki, Ninella, Dav-Kina, Gashan-ki, Nin-ki, Greek Dauce, Dauke, Sumerian Damgalnuna, Mah, Mah, Ishtar, Makh, Mami, Ninmah, Nintu, Mama, Mama, Ama-arhus, Asase, Mami, Mami, Mammetu(m), Mammetu(m), Mamitu, Mammitu(m), Mammitu(m), Mother of the Land, Mother of the Land, Mud-kes(d)a, Mud-kes(d)a, Ninhursag(ga), Ninhursag(ga), Ninkarsag, Ninkarsag, Ninki, Ninki, Goshan-ki, Ninmar, Ninmar, Ninna, Ninna, Nintua(ma) Kalamma, Nintua(ma) Kalamma, Nintu(r) or Nintu(r).

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