Mesopotamian - A Sumerian god of light. Gatekeeper for the god An. Son of Ninazu and Ereshkigal. In some stories he is a god of the underworld, equated with the restored Tammuz, or referred to as the brother of Tammuz. In some accounts, identified as Ningishzida, Gishzida, Gishzida, Gish Bar, Giszida, Giszida, Gizidu, Gizidu, Nin Gishzida, Nin Gishzida, Ningis Zi Da, Ningis Zi Da, Ningis Zia, Ningis Zia, Ningizzida, Ningizzida, Gis(h)zida, Gis(h)zida, Ningis-Zia or Ningis-Zia.

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