Mesopotamian - A god of irrigation, god of Lagash. Son of Ninhursaga. Son of Bel, in some accounts. Son and husband of Baba, some say. Brother of Nina. He was envisaged as a lion-headed eagle and, in some accounts, was identified with Tammuz. Some say that his mother was a goat. He is associated with the planet Jupiter and the constellation Orion. In some accounts, known as Ningirsu, En-Mersi, En-Mersi, Nin-Gursu, Nin-Gursu, Ningursu, Ningursu, Ninib, Ninib, Adar, Nerig, Nin-ip, Nineb, Ninip, Nirig, Tammuz, Adar, Ber, Nerig Uras, Hittite Zamana, Roman Saturn, Nin Gursu or Nin Gursu.

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