Irish - A high-king of Ireland. Son of Eochaid Muigl and Carenn. Father of Cairbre, Conall Gulban and Eoghan. Step-brother of Ailill, Brian, Fergus and Fiachra. He was abandoned by his stepmother Mongfhinn but saved and reared by the bard Torna Eices. It was foretold by the smith, Sithchenn, that he would become the high-king. Only he would kiss an ugly old woman who demanded a kiss and she turned into the lovely Flaitheas, the embodiment of sovereignty. When his poet, Laidcheann, refused hospitality to Eochu, a prince of Leinster, Eochu burnt his house to the ground. Niall invaded Leinster and took Eochu hostage, later sending him in exile to Scotland. When Niall visited that country, the vengeful Eochu shot and killed him. In other versions, he was killed by Eochu's arrow in the Alps or in the Channel Islands on one of his many expeditions of conquest. On occassion, identified as Niall, Nel, Nel, Niall Caille, Niall Frasach, Nial, Nial, Nial Niamhghlonnach, Nial Niamhghlonnach, Niall Naoi-Ghiallach, Niall Naoi-Ghiallach, Nial Noig(h)iallach or Nial Noig(h)iallach.

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