Australian - A name for the god Baime used by the Aborigines of the Murray River basin. Brother-in-law of Nepele. He speared a pondi (cod) which swam away but it was again speared by Nepele. They cut the fish into small pieces and threw them, one by one, into a lake, naming each piece as they did so. In this way, all the species of fish were created. He chased after his wives when they deserted him and, having drowned them by calling up a great storm, placed his canoe in the heavens as the Milky Way and then ascended to heaven. In some accounts, called Ngurunderi, Baime, Baime, Baiame, B'iame, Martummere, Pundjel, Birral, Bunjil, Daramulun, Nurrundere, Nurunderi or Nurunderi.

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