Central American - A legendary prince of Tezcuco. Father of Nezhualpilli. He was captured and thrown into prison when the Tecpanecs conquered his country and killed his father but escaped with the help of the prison governor who was then killed for allowing him to escape. The prince sheltered in the Aztec court and later returned to his home city. The next ruler of the Tecpanecs was Maxtla who rejected the prince's homage and, having failed in several attempts to kill him, invaded Tezcuco. Once again the prince escaped and lived the life of a fugitive, helped by the peasants. Eventually the people rebelled against the despotic rule of Maxtla and Nezahualcoyotl led them in a battle in which Maxtla was defeated and killed. Nezahualcoyotl then took his rightful place on the throne and ruled wisely and well for many years. When his eldest son had an affair with one of the king's wives, he was tried and executed with his father's approval. In some lore, occasionally known as Nezahualcoyotl, Fasting Coyote, Fasting Coyote or Nezhualcoyot[sup]l[/sup].

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