British - Brother of Ban. Father of Bleoberis. Sometimes referred to as Nestor.
British - Son of Bleoberis. Sometimes referred to as Nestor.
Greek - King of Pylos. Son of Neleus and Chloris. Husband of Anaxibia or Eurydice. Father of Antilochus, Pisistratus, Polycaste and Thrasymedes. He was made king of Pylos by Heracles after he had sacked the city and killed the other sons of Neleus. In some accounts, he was one of the Argonauts and a member of the party hunting the Calydonian Boar. In a raid, he killed Mulius and Itymoneus, capturing many horses and cattle and fifty chariots. On another occasion, he killed Ereuthalion in single combat. He was known for his eloquence and wisdom and tried to mediate when Achilles quarrelled with Agamemnon at Troy. Known as Nestor.

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