Irish - Daughter of Eochaid Salbuidhe. Wife of Fachtna, king of Ulster. Mother of Conor. It was said that her son, Conor, was fathered by Cathbad the druid or by a drop of magic water intended for Cathbad. When Fachtna died, she married his half-brother, Fergus, on condition that he allowed Conor to hold the throne for a year. At the end of that time, Conor refused to give up the throne and Fergus was sent into exile. Occasionally referred to as Nessa, Neas, Neas, Neasa, Neasa, Nes, Nes, Ness, Ness, Niassa, Niassa, Assa, Assa, Neas(a), Neas(a), Nes(s) or Nes(s).

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