Irish - A servant of Ailill, king of Connaught. He found a corpse on the gallows that said it was thirsty so he gave it a drink. When he found that some of his friends had been killed by the fairies from a local sidhe, he followed the attackers into the sidhe where he married a woman of the Otherworld. He escaped with her and their child to warn Ailill of a planned attack by the people of the sidhe but, when Ailill destroyed the sidhe, Nera was trapped inside. Some say that Ailill was killed and the sidhe destroyed by Fergus mac Roth. In one story, a cow in his wife's herd produced a bull calf, sired by the Brown Bull of Cooley, Donn Cuailnge, which fought Maev's bull, Whitehorn, and was killed. This gave Maev the idea of matching Whitehorn with the Brown Bull, an idea which led to the famous Cattle Raid of Cooley and the war with Ulster which followed. Also known as Nera, Neara mac Niadhain or Neara mac Niadhain.

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