Roman - A sea-god, one of the Olympians. Son of Saturn and Ops. Brother of Jupiter and Pluto. Husband of Salacia. Originally a god of irrigation and horseracing, Neptune is generally depicted as bearded and holding a trident and may be riding a dolphin or a horse. Identified as Neptune, Neptunus, Neptunus, sacred animals, sacred animals, animals, Set India Dionysus, Set Australian Aborigines Thor Egypt Egypt Hera, Syria Dionysus, Egypt, Helius, Shiva, Zeus Japan Egypt, Pasht Wadjet Hera, Hindu Egypt, Sebek, Set Heracles Huitlantecuhtli Dionysus Buddhism Atargatis Astarte Aphrodite, Dionysus, Venus Apollo, Athena Kaltesh Hestia, Isis Set Ares, Helius Wadjet Anubis, Set Dionysus Helius, Juno Dahomey, Osiris Dionysus, Sandan, Vulcan Dionysus India Dinka tribe, Jupiter Hathor Dionysus, Dusara, Polynesia Angus Og, Greece Dionysus, Zeus Nyx Wadjet Asclepius, Dayaks, Dionysius, Minerva, Sumeria Diana, Jurojin Dionysus Aphrodite, Heracles, Hermes Egypt Apollo, Ares, Wepwawet Asia, Hindu, Etruscan Nethuns, Etruscan Nethuns, Greek Poseidon, Greek Poseidon, Drebkuls or Varuna.

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