Egyptian - Guardian, with Isis, of the coffin of the dead. Daughter of Geb and Nut, or Ra and Nut. Sister of Isis, Osiris and Set, some say. Wife of Set. Mother of Anubis by Osiris. She tricked Osiris into fathering Anubis since she had no children by Set and then hid the child in the reeds to save him from her husband. When Set killed Osiris she left him. She and Isis, sometimes said to be the mother of Anubis, were known as the Weeping Sisters from their wailing at the death of Osiris; some say that they were the same. Their tears are said to have caused the Nile to flood. Also called Nephthys, Lady of the Mansion, Lady of the Mansion, Neb-hut, Neb-hut, Nebethetpet, Nebethetpet, Nebet Hotep, Nebhet, Nebhet, Nebt-hot, Nebt-hot, Nebthet, Nebthet, Nepte, Nepte, Watch Merti, Watch Merti, Isis, Mert, Neb(t)het, Neb(t)het, Nepta or Nepta.

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