South American - A culture-hero of the Chibcha Indians. Husband of Chia, some say. He appeared out of the east and traversed the country preaching chastity and right living and teaching the arts of painting and weaving. Having established a cult of priesthood, he disappeared. In some accounts, he is equated with Bochica. Some say that he changed his wife into an owl or the moon. He is depicted as an old man with long hair and beard. Occasionally identified as Nemquetcha, Bochica, Bochica, Chimizapagua, Sua, Sugunsua, Xu(h)e, Zuhé, Nemterequeteba, Nemterequeteba, Sugumonxe, Sugumonxe, Chimizipagua, Chimizipagua or Chiminagagué.

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