Irish - Early invaders of Ireland. Their leader was Nemed, a relative of Partholan. His invading fleet of thirtytwo ships was wrecked and only five (or nine) people survived. They settled in Ireland and bred, defeating the Fomoire in three battles, but later almost all the Nemedians died from plague. After this, the remaining few were tyrannised by the Fomoire who demanded two-thirds of all their children, produce and goods. Smol, the king of Greece, sent an army to their aid and together they defeated the Fomoire, killing their king, Conall mac Febar, and looting his castle. When the Greek army withdrew, the Nemedians were again attacked by Morc, another Fomoire leader. Most of the Fomoire were killed and only thirty Nemedians survived. They split Ireland into three parts, each ruled by a grandson of Nemed, but this arrangement soon broke down; one grandson went to Britain, the other two to Greece where the descendants of one of them later returned to Ireland as the Fir Bolg and, later still, the descendants of Beothach also returned as theDanaans. Also commonly known as Nemedians.

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