Greek - King of Pylas. Son of Poseidon by Tyro. Twin brother of Pelias. Husband of Chloris. Father of Alastor, Chromius, Nestor, Periclymenus, etc. Father of Pero. He and Pelias were abandoned as babies when their mother married Cretheus but were found and reared by a horse-herder. They killed Sidero, Tyro's stepmother (or, some say, second wife of Cretheus) who had been very cruel to her step-daughter. He was driven from Iolcus by Pelias and fled to Pylas where he became king. Neleus and all his twelve sons, except Nestor, were killed by Heracles for helping Augeas when Heracles attacked Elis. Some say that he survived this battle and later defeated the Elians. Also commonly known as Neleus.

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