Egyptian - The vulture-headed mother-goddess of Upper Egypt. Guardian of the pharaoh. Daughter and wife of Ra. Sister of Wadjet. The consort of Hapy or Khenti- Amentiu. Occasionally identified as Nekhbet, Mut, Mut, Great Sorcerer, Hathor, Isis, Lady of Asheru, Ma, Muit, Muut, Ament, Muit, Sakhmet, The Great Sorceress, Greek Hera, Ament, Mast, Taure, Nechbet, Nechbet, Nekhebet, Nekhebet, Nekhibet, Nekhibet, Great Mother, Great Mother, Ama-arhus, Anaitis, Astarte, Ate, Baba, Cybele, Ma, Magna Mater, Mami, Mamitu, Mater Turrita, Greek Ilythia or Greek Ilythia.

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