Irish - A king of the Danaans. Consort of Nemain. Grandfather or husband of Badb or Morrigan. He was killed fighting the Fomoire at the second Battle of Moytura. In some accounts he is the same as Nuada. Sometimes called Neit, Neith, Neith, Athena, Mehet-Weret, Mother of the Gods, Nath, Neit, Net, Nit, African, Great Goddess, Net, Tehenut, Greek Athena, Lamia, Net, Net, Nuada, Nuada, Nuadhu Find, Nuadhu Necht, Airgedlamh, Airgetlamh, Argatlam, Elcmar, Ne(a)chtan, Nuadhu (Find), Nuadu, Nuda, British Nodens or Welsh Nudd.

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