Egyptian - A creator-god and god of the lotus. A form of Ra as the setting sun. Son of Ptah and Sakhmet. Some say he was the son of Bastet or Wadjet or that he was a manifestation of Ra-Atum whose tears became men. He is sometimes depicted with a lion's head. Occasionally referred to as Nefertem, Iphtimis, Iphtimis, Itum, Itum, Nefertum, Nefertum, Nephthemis, Nephthemis, Ra-Atum, Ra-Atum, Atum, Atum-Ra, Benu, Phoenix, Re-Atum, Re-Tem, Ben(n)u-bird, Ra-Tem, Tum, Tum, Nefer-tem, Nefer-tem, Neferetm, 'perfection' or 'perfection'.

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