Irish - (360-343 bc). An Egyptian pharaoh and magician. Son of Tjahepimu. Father of Scota. He was the last of the native Egyptian rulers. In some stories he was the father of Alexander the Great. He was forced to flee from Egypt and went to Macedonia where he set himself up as an astrologer. When the queen, Olympias, consulted him about a possible heir, the wily Egyptian foretold that she would bear a son to Zeus Ammon. This turned out to be true but Zeus Ammon was Nectanebus dressed as a dragon. He died when Alexander, the son of this union, pushed him into a pit. In Irish stories, Nectanebus was the father of Scota. In some accounts, called Nectanebus, Nakhthoreb, Nakhthoreb, Nectanebo II, Nectanebo II, Nakhthorheb or Nakhthorheb.

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