North American - The Navaho war-god and god of light. One of the Yeibechi. Son of Tsohanoai and Estanatlehi. Twin brother of Tobadzistini, some say. He and his brother, Tobadzistini, were given feathers by the spider-woman Naste Estsan, to protect them from all dangers when they travelled to the house of their father, the sun-god, Tsohanoai. He accepted that they were his sons only after testing them with spikes, scalding water and poison. He then gave them weapons such as lightning with which to rid the land of monsters. They first killed the giant, Yeitso, and then the monster Teelget. They also killed the enormous beasts, with talons like the eagle, known as the Tsenahale, and plucked their feathers. One of these birds had carried Nayenezgani to his nest on a high cliff aznd, after killing the bird, the young hero found himself stranded. He was rescued by Bat Woman who carried him down from the cliff in a basket on her back. He gave her the eagles' feathers as a reward but they all turned into small singing birds. Other adventures involved the killing of a huge bear, the rock-spirit Tsenagahi, and the people who were alleged to be able to kill with looks, known as the Binaye Ahani. At times, called Nayanezgani, Monster Slayer, Monster Slayer, Nagenatzani, Nagenatzani, Nayenezgani, Naye Nezyani, Naye Nezyani, Paiute Shinob, Paiute Shinob, Monster Slayer or Monster Slayer.

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