North American - The creator-god of the Blackfoot Indians. His father had a dream from which he learned to trap animals by hanging a spider's web across the trail. When his mother took a rattlesnake as a lover, his father trapped her in the web and cut off her head. Their two children ran off pursued by the head while the headless body chased their father. The boys escaped when the head fell into the water while the body (or head in some stories), which is the moon, still pursues the father, who is the sun. His clever brother created the white races and taught them all they needed to know while the simple Napi founded the Blackfoot tribe, creating the first humans from clay and leading them out of the cave Nina Stahu. When the Buffalo-stealer drove off all the buffalo, he turned himself into a dog and drove the herds back to the Blackfoot tribe. He is expected one day to return. Sometimes identified as Napi, Na'pi, Na'pi, 'old man' or 'old man'.

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