Mesopotamian - The Sumerian moon-god and god of fertility. Son of Enlil and Ninlil. Husband of Ningal. Father of Inanna, Iskur and Utu. He was born in the underworld to where Enlil had been banished for raping Ninlil. In some accounts, this deity is regarded as female or bisexual while others say that Sin was the crescent moon, Nanna was the full moon and As-im-babbar was the new moon. On occassion, called Nanna.
Norse - A goddess of vegetation and moon-goddess. One of the Asynjur. Daughter of Nip. Sister of Summa. Wife of Balder. Mother of Forseti. At the sight of her dead husband on his funeral pyre, Nanna died of a broken heart and her body was placed alongside his on the pyre. When Hermod rode to Niflheim to ask for the release of Balder, Nanna sent back with him her magic ring to be given to Fulla and a carpet for Frigga. Other accounts say that Nanna was the wife of Hoder who fought Balder for her hand. In some references, called Nanna.

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