Hindu - Husband of Damayanti. Father of Indrasena and Indraseni. In a story in The Mahabharata, Nala was chosen by King Bhima as a husband for his daughter, Damayanti, who managed to identify him from a group of gods who had taken identical form. The demon Kali caused him to gamble away his kingdom to his brother Pushkara and he left his wife. A snake gave him a disguise in which he appeared as a deformed man and also a cloak which would restore him to his proper shape. When he got the job as charioteer to King Rituparna who was a lucky gambler, he exchanged his skill with the chariot for the king's luck which he then used to win a new fortune. He was found by Parnada, a counsellor to Damayanti's father, King Bhima, and, using the magic cloak to restore his former shape, he was reunited with Damayanti. Also referred to as Nala, Sugriva, Sugriva or Nala.
Hindu - In some stories, the monkey-king, Sugriva. In some versions, Nala is a monkeyengineer who built Adam's Bridge, linking Ceylon with India, by floating stones into position. Over this bridge Sugriva led Rama's forces to attack Ravana's castle. In some lore, occasionally known as Nala, Sugriva, Sugriva or Nala.

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