Irish - One of the 12 Champions of the Red Branch. Son of Usna and Elva. Brother of Ardan and Ainlé. He eloped with Deirdre and fled to Scotland. His uncle, Conor, the king of Ulster, who had reared the girl to become his own wife, gave them safe conduct to return but reneged on his promise and Naisi and all the party escorting the couple on their return were killed with the exception of Buino who had betrayed them. Most versions say that Naisi was killed by Eoghan mac Durthacht but some say that he was killed by Maine, a Norse prince. Deirdre later killed herself and the tree that grew over her grave entwined itself with another growing over Naisi's grave and the two could never be separated. Identified as Naisi, Naeise, Naeise, Naisa, Naisa, Naise, Naise, Naoise, Naoise, Naoisi, Naoisi, Naoisiu, Naoisiu, Noisiu, Noisiu, Na(o)ise or Na(o)ise.

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